Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Post!

Well, I did it.  I've been threatening to do it for months, and here it is.  I created a blag.  Before I actually post anything substantial, I'd like to take a few moments to answer a few questions that I'm sure you, my imaginary audience, are simply dying to ask me.

What is the Blag about?
Pretty much anything that I find interesting at a given point in time.  I mostly plan to review things, like restaurants, beer, coffee, video games, or anything that catches my fancy.  I am a generally positive person, so my posts will probably reflect that.  I will not write about: how I feel today, inane everyday occurrences, or pretty much anything that wouldn't be interesting to people that don't know me.  That's what Facebook and Twitter are for!

Why are you doing this?
For fun.  I enjoy writing, but I don't really get the opportunity to write non-technical documents anymore.  This is my 'creative outlet', or whatever you want to call it.  Mostly, I just like to geek out about certain things, and I want a centralized place to collect my thoughts.

Why should I care what you think?
I don't know.  Read what I have to say, and decide for yourself.  Or not, it doesn't matter.  See the question "Why are you doing this?" for more information.

What are your particular areas of expertise?
Professionally, I've been working in the embedded computing industry for my entire career.  My hobbies, on the other hand, tend to revolve around food and games.  I am particularly passionate about beer and coffee, and hope to someday start my own microbrewery/brewpub and coffee shop.  I generally like to learn as much as possible about whatever it is that I am interested in.

So why 'Blag'?
I'm pretty sure I first saw the term used in the an xkcd comic as an intentionally mispronounced version of the word "blog".  I started using it at work to describe a certain "blog" (which shall remain nameless) that my coworkers and I read regularly, and typically deride mercilessly amongst ourselves.  I've been saying that I'd like to start my own 'blag', and I finally got around to starting it.

What is your current mood?
Hopeful ;)